Monitoring, surveys, data processing

In the following are listed the activities related to the monitoring; when the planning of monitoring is integrated with planning assignments the respective items are listed below (Plans and programmes and Inventories and registers).

  • Survey and  implementation  of  7  relevant case studies  within the  project  CReIAMO PA
    Sogesid, 2021

  • Support for the implementation of the dataset reporting modules of the infoAria system required by current legislation
    ARPA Sicilia, 2018 (ongoing)
  • Compilation of the air quality questionnaires according to Decision 2014/461/CE
    ARPA Sicilia, 2015
  • Populating of prototype “Infoaria” for 2013 and 2014 (Services related to Emission inventory updating within the Convention between ARPA Sicilia ed ARTA)
    ARPA Sicilia, 2015
  • Development of the database for the Regional Energy Observation
    ENEA, 2000
  • Provision of the information system APEX for air pollutant emission management and collaboration in the provincial development plan framework, sustainable for the part relative to the indicators of air quality data indicators
    Provincia Autonoma di Trento, 1999
  • Data collection and processing needed to the update of the databases of energy-environment models
    ENEA, 1991
  • Analysis of information related to waste treatment presented by the regions to the Ministry of the Environment within the Triennial Plan of Environment Protection
    ENEA, 1991
  • Planning, Implementation and application of the system Air of the environmental monitoring system of the Po Basin
    AITEC, 1991
  • Elaboration of energy indicators for national economy sectors , comparable on an international level
    ENEA, 1993
  • Collection and organization of the environmental information and documentation in the southern regions of Italy
    Ansaldo Industrial Systems spa - Environmental Division, 1990
  • Planning of an integrated monitoring system "wide-meshed" of air quality and environmental radioactivity
    ENEA, 1989
  • Data collection and analysis in the framework of the Second Energy Plan of CNR (National Research Council)
    ENEA, 1989 - Environmental Division, 1990
  • Application of multi-varied statistical analysis to the environmental epidemiology of the Po Valley
    ENEA, 1988
  • Development of a documentary study related to the databases existing in international field related to energy saving, energy accumulation and superconductivity
    ENEA, 1987
  • Implementation of the system for the multi-varied statistical analysis FASI ("Factor Analysis System Integrated") and its pilot application to the province of Latina
    SYNTAX, 1987