Energy audits and environmental assessments

The following activities are developed by Techne Consulting in the sector of environmental impact evaluation, while the activties currently developed in the field of energy audits are associated to the predisposition of some PDD in the frame of Climate change.

  • GHG projections of the emissions of pollutants and impact of air quality for Pljevlja as well as trans borders context with Serbia and Bosnia up to details available
    Smart Environment Solutions, 2013
  • Assessment of the air pollution to be induced by the construction of the Road Sozina-Bar
    Smart Environment Solutions, 2012
  • Emissions estimates from road traffic in the municipalities of Messina and Villa San Giovanni
    University of Rome, 2012
  • TOTAL Project-Tempa Rossa: Update of the study of air diffusional modelling Environmental (through Calpuff model) following the changes in the plant
    pH s.r.l., 2010
  • Environmental Impact Assessment related to the construction of three roundabouts in the municipality of Teramo
    Studio Marini, 2009
  • Support to the environmental impact assessment for a plant in the city of Avezzano
    AECOM, 2008
  • Development of air diffusional models “post operam” for the project Tempa Rossa of TOTAL Spa
    Orion, 2008
  • Development of air diffusional models integrated to the monitoring services “ante operam” for Tempa Rossa Project of TOTAL Spa
    Orion, 2007
  • Evaluation of CO2 balance related to the burning line construction and of a CO2 production and distribution plant in Caprese Michelangelo"
    Consorgas, 2007
  • Technical counter-deduction to the relaying tuna environmental compatibility analysis of the in the territorial waters of Maiori and Cetara
    Municipality of Maiori, 2006
  • Simulations for the evaluation of air pollutants emissions and noise from road transport depending on yards installations for the implementation of tramvia (3 yards)
    Municipality of Florence, 2005
  • Environmental evalutation of air and noise components for the Study of Environmental Impact related to the project “Doubling of the roadway SS640 Di Porto Empedocle" section that falls into the Province of Agrigento jurisdiction
    Studio Tecnico Associato D'Alessandro, 2003
  • Preparation of a environmental impact study of air component of the project of nord penetration of Trieste
    Tecnic, 2003
  • Air quality impact of Pisa Airport
    Ing. Boeri for S.A.T. (Society Airport Tuscany) of Pisa, 2000
  • Emissions estimate from Pisa airports
    Sintesis Italia, 1999
  • Development of a study for the noise evaluation in the Napoli-Capodichino airport area
    GE.S.A.C. SpA, 1996
  • Development of a study related to noise and air pollution in the area of the control tower in the framework of the Master Plan of the airport of Naples Capodichino.
    GE.S.A.C S.p.A., 1996
  • Compilation of an emission inventory in the surrounding area power plant ENEL of Rossano Calabro
    CISE SpA, 1994