35 years of Techne Consulting

November 6, 2021 Techne Consulting celebrated 35 years of consulting and software development in the fields of environment and energy. In these 35 years we have worked with leading energy and environmental Italian institutions (Ministry of Environment, Regions, National and Regional Environmental Protection Agencies) and with research institutions (ENEA, CNR, ISPRA, universities, etc.), We participated in the most important international working groups on air pollution (from CORINAIR 85 project), we have published many original scientific papers that have often anticipated the problems that would emerge in subsequent years. Among other things we have been pioneers in stressing the importance of an integrated approach to energy and air quality planning indicating the possible negative influences on air quality of the combustion of solid biomass. We also developed the first model of assessment of pollutant emissions from ships in the specific Transport programme under 4th Research and Technology Development Framework Programme of the European Commission.

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Horizon 2020 iCHANGE project

Techne Consulting is a partner of the iCHANGE project (individual Change of Habits Needed for Green European transition), funded by the European Community in the framework of Horizon 2020 with about € 5 million, started on November 2021 and with duration 42 months.

The I-CHANGE project deals with the challenge of engaging and promoting the active participation of citizens to address climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection in the framework of the European Green Deal, the European Climate Pact and the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. The overall concept is based on the idea that citizens and civil society have a central role in the definition of environmental protection and climate action and their direct involvement is essential to drive a true shift and promotion of changes of behaviors towards more sustainable patterns. 

The project follows the Innovation actions type of funding scheme and addresses the Topic LC-GD-10-3-2020 "Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic engagement”. The project is one of six projects selected from 204 proposed.

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Task Force on Emissions Inventories and Projections 2022

The 2022 annual meeting of TFEIP, the Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections of the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution was held online from 9-12 May 2022. Over 100 experts attended simultaneously. Our Technical Director Carlo Trozzi chaired the  Combustion & Industry Expert Panel of which he is co-leader and presented Emission projections for waste management cycle: Liguria region case study at Projection Expert Panel. The plan scheme was adopted by the Regional Environmental Council and the strategic environmental assessment was completed..

Campania Region of Italy - Update of air quality plan

The Regional Council of the Campania Region adopted in the session of 28 September, with resolution no. 412, the update of the Plan for the Protection of Air Quality after the favorable opinion on the V.A.S. and on the V.I. issued on 3 August 2021. The update of the Plan was proposed by the General Management - Soil Defense and the Ecosystem and was drawn up with the support of Techne Consulting as part of the assignment for "Technical support for the drafting of the Protection Plan of Air Quality ". The measures of the Plan incorporate and expand those established in the Ministry of the Environment (now MiTe) / Campania Region Agreement signed on 11 February 2021 and enter into force from the date of approval.

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling 2022

The 51st session of TFIAM, the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling of the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution was held online from the 6th to the 8th of April 2022. At most 100 experts participated simultaneously. Our Technical director Carlo Trozzi presented  the regional air quality plan of Campania Region in Italy. The region currently often has NO2, PM10 and ozone concentrations higher than air quality limit values, which required the development of an air quality plan. Based on emission inventories, air quality modelling and emission and emission abatement scenarios, future emissions and concentrations has been analysed. The strategic environmental assessment has been completed and the plan was adopted by Regional Council.