Abruzzo Region of Italy - Update of air quality plan

On 13 January 2022, the Regional Council of the Abruzzo Region adopted the provision aimed at updating the Air Quality Regional Plan which has, among its main purposes, the identification of "quality objectives of the air aimed at avoiding, preventing or reducing harmful effects on human health "and at maintaining the quality of the ambient air, where good, and improving it in other cases. The update of the  Air Quality Regional Plan, which will replace the previous Plan, contains plans and measures aimed at avoiding exceeding the limit values and limit levels, reducing the risk of exceeding the limit values, objective and alarm thresholds in the areas where the risk of exceeding the alarm threshold arises, to limit the duration of any episodes of exceeding, with the relative provision of interventions to be implemented in the short term to achieve these purposes. The Plan was drawn up with the support of Techne Consulting srl as part of the assignment of the Abruzzo Region for "Updating the Regional Plan for the Protection of Air Quality"