2021 UNECE Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections

The Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections,  in the frame of UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution, held its annual meeting jointly with the EEA’s EIONET network on 4-6th May 2021. The meeting was held remotely due to restrictions in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 34th meeting of the Task Force was kindly hosted by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. The meeting was well attended with attendance peaking at over 200 people, from approximately 40 countries. The TFEIP supports Parties in the reporting of official air pollutant emissions and projections data to the Convention.  It also provides a technical forum and expert network to identify emission factors, establish methodologies for the estimation of emissions, and identify problems related to data reporting. The technical sessions took place not in parallel, allowing for participants to join all available sessions. At the meeting our Technical Director co-chaired the Combustion & Industry Expert Panel and gave a short communication about Biodiesel and biogas use in energy industries