CDM Albania

It 'was recorded in the month of May the first small-scale Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project in Albania. The project was carried out by SOL S.p.A through its controlled Hydroenergy Sh.p.k. in Albania with the assistance of  Techne Consulting which drafted the CDM-PDD Project Design Document and has followed the whole process for its approval.

The CDM mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is one of the flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol (Art. 12) which allows companies in industrialized countries with emission limitations to implement projects aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in developing countries without emission constraints.

The purpose of this mechanism is two-fold; on the one hand it allows the developing countries to have cleaner technologies and orientate on the path of sustainable development; the other allows the reduction of emissions where it is most cost-effective and thus reducing the overall cost of fulfillment of obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. The emissions avoided by the implementation of projects generating carbon credits or CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) can then be used to meet the  national commitments.
The project involves the construction of a hydroelectric plant with an output of 4.8 MW that allows the production of 23.3 GWh year of electricity and savings of 5807 tons of CO2 a year.
The PDD is published on the website of the UNFCCC ( ) in the section on CDM ( ) at page .