E2Plan - Models systems for environment and energy governance

E2Plan (Environment and Energy Planning) is a complete system for Environment and Energy Planning developed by Techne Consulting.

The system was founded originally as a system aimed to study air pollution (AirSuite) and has evolved over the years towards a system for integrated assessment in different environmental media under the name EnviPlan.com.

The new version in the Web environment E2Plan released at the end of year 2010 by Techne Consulting extends the functionality of the system to the environment and energy government by managing and processing basic data and indicators, evaluation models and diffusion, transport and transformation of pollutants models.

E2Plan is designed as a complete support system in energy and environmental planning includes:

  • The system for managing and processing data and basic indicators in the fields of energy and environment, the development of inventories of emissions and energy balances and their future projections (E2Gov)
  • Models for the evaluation of driving forces, energy consumptions and emissions from road transport (E2Road), air transport (E2Airport) and shipping (E2Port)
  • The model for the evaluation of energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in municipalities and to support the Covenant of Majors (E2Polis)
  • The system for assessing "quick" energy consumption and pollution (E2Impact)
  • The interface to the models for the assessment of transport and diffusion of pollutants in different media (air, water, soil) E2Diffusion.