E2Diffusion - Interface to the models for the assessment of transport and diffusion of pollutants

E2Diffusion allows the use of simulation models regarding diffusion, transport and transformation of pollutants in an integrated procedure with all the information systems of pollutants emissions in the system of government. Currently the system contains the module related to air pollutants, but modules related to water and soil are scheduled to be included.

E2Diffusion uses both emission data from E2Gov Emissions and, if available, projections of pollutant emissions from (E2Gov Projections). 

Interface system E2Diffusion provides the user the tools to choose the typical parameters of a modelling study that vary from case to case, doing the task of preparing the input control file to the model taking into account the complexity and type of study concerned.

Interface system, developed by Techne Consulting, allows the execution of models and shows the results in reports, external files, as well as thematic and isopleths maps of estimated concentrations in a Mapinfo or Arcview environment.

E2Diffusion supports the following models:

  • CALPFUFF California Air Resources Board Model; Lagrangian-Gaussian "puff" model containing non-stationary modules that include effects of terrain complexity, transport over sea and lake, coastal interaction effects, dry and wet deposition and chemical transformations;
  • Chimere chemistry-transport model.