E2Polis - Model for the evaluation of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in municipalities

E2Polis is the model for the evaluation of energy and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Italian municipalities developed by Techne Consulting.

E2Polis is the version dedicated to the municipalities of the main information system E2Gov and provides:

• The compilation of the CO2 municipal emission inventory in the year chosen for the baseline as required by the Covenant of Majors, and in particular the specialization of energy consumption and emissions due to the use of individual energy sources in the different sectors

• The setting of specific targets for reducing emissions for each of these sectors and each year as part of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan, to achieve the overall target of 20% reduction in the municipal territory

• The monitoring of the measures provided by the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, through intermediate emission inventories (every 1, 2 or 5 years)

• The comparison of reduction targets and the obtained results to evaluate and possibly adjust the strategy

• The preparation of the templates provided by the European methodology

E2Polis  contains the emission factors required by the methodology and provides reports and graphs representing the distribution of emissions and consumption among different sectors and their evolution over time highlighting the achievement of targets.

E2Polis  is developed in the Web environment and can be shared on a dedicated website accessible directly from the municipal website.