Our history

Techne Consulting was founded as Techne snc in 1986 in Rome by Carlo Trozzi, who until then had worked as a consultant physicist at ENEA (National Agency for Energy and Environment) and at Olivetti Information System. Since its origin, the company has developed an innovative combination of consultancy, the use of methods of statistical data analysis and software development activities aimed at developing models and complex information systems.

Since its early years the company's business activities were mainly orientated in the environment and energy sectors with an initial particular focus on services to public administrations.

In 1992, during the expansion of its business, it was transformed into a limited liability company with the new name Techne Srl simultaneously modifying its company structure with the entry of Rita Vaccaro.

Since 1993 it has expanded its activities to local public administrations and has begun marketing its software products in the environment and energy fields.

In 1999 it acquired the assets from Enviplan Srl, a specialized company in environmental planning.

In 2003 it changed its name again, becoming Techne Consulting srl, to emphasize its vocation to consultancy.

The company's business activities have overtime become increasingly focused on the areas of energy, the environment and the environmental and energy aspects of transport. Furthermore, in 2004 Techne Consulting extended its corporate objects clause,specializing in the planning and development of information systems and proprietary software, as well as modelling applications.

Recently Techne Consulting has enlarged its horizons towards the themes of ecological footprint of products/services. It is also developing an information system to support its calculation, thus completing its wide experience on the iusses of air and water pollutant emissions and of wastes production.

Techne Consulting committed to innovation since its foundation by exploring new horizons in services and products offered and, in doing so, anticipating considerably market trends. Currently, its attention is directed to the Integrated Government of Energy and the Environment, aiming to extend the current outlook of the sector and to provide global solutions to global challenges. Honesty, integrity, transparency and social responsibility have always represented core elements underlying all the activities of the company.