Models and software systems development

The development of information systems and software models is a central activity of Techne Consulting that has developed over the years extensive expertise in the field through:

  • Feasibility studies of information systems and geographical information systems
  • Design and implementation of databases
  • Development of information systems
  • Development of Geographic Information Systems
  • Development of interfaces to databases
  • Development of mathematical models
  • Development of interfaces to mathematical models
  • Management planning of complex information systems

In particular, the work is dedicated to:

  • Developing energy and environmental governance systems
  • Developing methodologies and models for estimating data
  • Developing models and software for the evaluation of air, water and soil pollutant emissions
  • Developing models and software for assessing the production of municipal and industrial waste
  • The development and application of models and software programs to predict energy and environmental planning and its optimization
  • Developing software systems for the evaluation of environmental damage caused by shipping accidents
  • Developing software systems for environmental risk assessment
  • The personalization and interfacing of diffusion and transport models for pollutants in air, water, and soil
  • The personalization and interfacing of models for the generation and propagation of noise, risk assessment, and for the evaluation of traffic counting.