Environment and energy governance system

The governance system is the main application of Techne Consulting. The following list contains assignments directly connected to the governance system; assignments directly related to specific software modules are contained in specific section Models and software while activity of information insertion in the system are often contained in Inventories and registers.

  • Support to the air quality management and development of environmental governance system
    Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, 2012
  • Provision E2Gov new components (Regional energy balance)
    Datasiel, 2012
  • Start up of the environmental governance system and support to air quality management
    Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, 2011
  • Update of the energy balance of Liguria Region
    Datasiel, 2009
  • Project ECOZERO – Governance System planning and provision of the integrated inventory evolved use system including the air emission inventory update
    Datasiel, 2005
  • Provision of an environmental data base for the produced and consumed energy evaluation by sectors and geographic areas
    Provincia di Genova, 2005
  • Support to the Agenda 21 activation process and editing of the report on the Environment
    Rieti Municipality, 2005
  • Available and sustainability data, preparation of the report on the Environment (Agenda 21)
    L'Aquila Province, 2002