E2Road - Model for the evaluation of energy consumptions and emissions from road transport

E2Road is a complete model to evaluate fuel consumption and environmental impacts of road transport. In particular the model evaluates:

• emissions of air pollutants

• fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide

• noise

At present, the features have been developed related to the energy consumptions, air pollutant and greenhouse gases emissions (shown in bold in the above list).

In this context, the model incorporates the previous model  SETS dedicated to air pollutant emissions.

E2Road adapts to a local level the methodology for the emissions' estimation developed by the Task Force on Emisssion Inventory and Projection, and integrates it, for the national scale estimates, in the model COPERT IV of the European Community.

E2Road provides, on a single street or area (region, province, municipality), the estimated mileage, fuel consumption and emissions of air pollutants (main pollutants, heavy metals, PAHs and benzene, dioxins) and greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide) divided into:

• Hot: vehicles whose engines reach their operating temperature

• Cold: during the heating of the vehicle

also provides:

• evaporative emissions (volatile organic compounds only) divided into: running losses, diurnal emissions and soak emissions

• abrasion emissions (only for suspended particles) divided into: abrasion of tires, brakes and road


  • provides for the organization of the sources in topologies (single lines or areas)
  • can be used for the characterization of fuel consumption and emissions of air pollutants and for the simulation of measures that can reduce fuel consumption and emissions themselves (traffic restrictions and congestion solutions, increased public transport, fleet renewal)
  • provides for the calculation of mileage, fuel consumption and emissions for all topologies of a simulation and their representation for single topology (single street or area) or for all topologies of the simulation as reports and cartographic maps
  • provides a breakdown of total mileages in 13 speed classes; takes into account the gradient of the road to increase or decrease the resistance of a vehicle; takes into account, in relation to heavy vehicles, the effect of the load
  • involves the insertion of default values, which vary from year to year, for the parameters of model (RVP,% benzene, %aromatic, % sulfur, % lead) with the possibility of modification by the user on a single simulation; evaluates the mileages, energy consumptions and emissions on a single street or area (region, province, municipality).

E2Road currently is updated following the latest methodology in EMEP/EEA Air Pollutants Emission Inventory Guidebook.

The model with a dedicated interface realized from Techne Consulting can read the results of the most popular models for the evaluation of traffic flows (EMME and VISUM) and monitoring data and provide the estimate of fuel consumption and emissions of all air pollutants on individual arcs of the simulations.