35 years of Techne Consulting

November 6, 2021 Techne Consulting celebrated 35 years of consulting and software development in the fields of environment and energy. In these 35 years we have worked with leading energy and environmental Italian institutions (Ministry of Environment, Regions, National and Regional Environmental Protection Agencies) and with research institutions (ENEA, CNR, ISPRA, universities, etc.), We participated in the most important international working groups on air pollution (from CORINAIR 85 project), we have published many original scientific papers that have often anticipated the problems that would emerge in subsequent years. Among other things we have been pioneers in stressing the importance of an integrated approach to energy and air quality planning indicating the possible negative influences on air quality of the combustion of solid biomass. We also developed the first model of assessment of pollutant emissions from ships in the specific Transport programme under 4th Research and Technology Development Framework Programme of the European Commission.

In these contexts we have developed software for the integrated assessment of environmental pressures (emission inventories) and carbon footprint and for the assessment of the impact of pressures on the state of the environment with simulation models of air quality. We were pioneers in the dissemination of air pollution study methodologies in the Balkans in cooperation with the institutions of Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. Recently, we are involved in two Horizon 2020 projects: ClairCity that had the innovative goal to apportion air pollution emissions and concentrations, carbon footprints and health outcomes by city citizens’ behaviour and day-to-day activities in order to make these challenges relevant to how people choose to live, behave and interact within their city environment and now iChange that addresses the environment and climate challenges from two perspectives: Empowerment through knowledge acquired through hands-on participation in the monitoring and assessment and Understanding the role and the impact of individual choices (behaviour, lifestyle and consumptions) in the daily life and its consequences on the environment. With this note we thank all our customers, partners, employees we interacted within our long history and with which we hope to continue the path towards a better knowledge of the state of the environment and a more efficient energy and environment planning, with more and more sophisticated tools.