Emissions inventories, energy balances and registers

The development of inventories, energy balances and registers is the main activity of Techne Consulting, which provides support for organising information into an integrated system of energy and environmental governance or specific system areas. These inventories, energy balances and registers are essential tools for the preparation of plans and programmes.

In particular, Techne Consulting services include:

  • Registers¬†of environmental pressure's driving forces
  • Pollutant emission inventories in different environments (air, water, soil) from point sources, linear and areal
  • Energy databases to support the compilation of energy balances
  • Registers of electromagnetic pollution sources
  • Registers for the production and disposal of waste
  • Registers of data monitoring¬†(air, water, soil, noise, electromagnetic fields)
  • Databases relative to the impact of environmental pressures
  • Databases of responses (financing, polluted soils remediation, etc.)
  • Integration of the registers in the energy and environmental governance system