30 years of Techne Consulting

November 6, 2016 Techne Consulting celebrated 30 years of consulting and software development in the fields of environment and energy. In these 30 years we have worked with leading energy and environmental Italian institutions (Ministry of Environment, Regions, Regional Environmental Protection Agencies) and with research institutions (ENEA, CNR, ISPRA, universities, etc.), We participated in the most important international working groups on air pollution (from CORINAIR 85 project), we have published many original scientific papers that have often anticipated the problems that would emerge in subsequent years. Among other things we have been pioneers in stressing the importance of an integrated approach to energy and air quality planning indicating the possible negative influences on air quality of the combustion of solid biomass. We also developed the first model of assessment of pollutant emissions from ships in the specific Transport programme under 4th Research and Technology Development Framework Programme of the European Commission.

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Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes

Some results of Techne Consulting work on air quality modelling for air quality management have been presented at beginning of June 2019 to the 19th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes in Bruges (Belgium).

The wok "Regional and local air quality modelling in different scenarios for EU directives application: Italy case studies" has been presented by our technical director and defines a first balance of the work in air quality modelling in the frame of air quality planning.

In the same occasion a poster on work of the ClairCity partner was presented.

European Commission DG ENV Air Quality framework contract

Techne Consulting is partner of one of consortium won the European Commission DG ENV bid for a Air Quality framework contract for Services supporting the evaluation, implementation and further development of EU air quality and emissions policies. This includes the assessment of current and future policies and the identification of management options at European, national, regional or local level including the assessment of their effectiveness, cost and benefits and means of implementation measures through various legal and non- legal instruments.

Air Pollution and Sustainable Development and planning conferences

The first results of the work of Techne Consulting in the ClairCity project were presented during the summer in two international conferences: Air Pollution 2018 in Naples and Sustainable Development and Planning 2018 in Siena. Both works were presented by our technical director and make a preliminary assessment of the activities carried out in the project.

In the conference Air Pollution 2018 a paper was presented entitled Air Pollutants Emissions and Carbon Footprint at City Level: the Claircity Project; in the paper the focus is on the activities of defining a methodology for assessing the emissions of air pollutants and Carbon Footprint and on the first results on the sample cities of Bristol and Amsterdam.

In the conference Sustainable Development and Planning 2018 a paper was presented entitled Social Networks, Awareness And Behavioral Modification to Reduce Air Pollution and Carbon Footprint: The Claircity Project in Liguria Region; in the paper the focus is on the dissemination activities of the project activities, and in particular on social networks strategies, with reference to the Liguria Region.

Strengthening the capacities for Air Quality management in Montenegro

At the beginning of 2018 Techne Consulting concluded the activities of the contract with Ministry of Finance Montenegro about "Strengthening the capacities for Air Quality management in Montenegro". 

The overall objective of the project funded by European Commission under "IPA 2014 National Programme Montenegro 2014" was to enhance Montenegro compliance with the requirements of the Air Quality (AQ) acquis through improved AQ monitoring and reporting.

The purpose of the activities was to provide technical support services and assistance in the first review of the Air Quality management zones and sampling points for fixed measurement which should be reviewed every five years according to the EU Directive 2008/50/EC in order to ensure that existing sampling points are representative enough and that automatic measurement is performed in all zones where it is required.

The project included expert support for redesign of AQ monitoring network and AQ zones on the basis of the detailed assessment of the existing AQ zones and AQ Monitoring network, using all available data including AQ modelling and visiting existing and potential sites.