Horizon 2020 iCHANGE project

Techne Consulting is a partner of the iCHANGE project (individual Change of Habits Needed for Green European transition), funded by the European Community in the framework of Horizon 2020 with about € 5 million, started on November 2021 and with duration 42 months.

The I-CHANGE project deals with the challenge of engaging and promoting the active participation of citizens to address climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection in the framework of the European Green Deal, the European Climate Pact and the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. The overall concept is based on the idea that citizens and civil society have a central role in the definition of environmental protection and climate action and their direct involvement is essential to drive a true shift and promotion of changes of behaviors towards more sustainable patterns. 

The project follows the Innovation actions type of funding scheme and addresses the Topic LC-GD-10-3-2020 "Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic engagement”. The project is one of six projects selected from 204 proposed.

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I-CHANGE research results at the EXPAPER meeting in Livorno

Recently Techne Consulting presented some results of iCHANGE project at the EXPAPER 2023 conference. EXPAPER is an annual conference that brings together a group of experts and representatives of companies, industrial trade associations, research bodies and universities that deal with the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases from passenger and goods transport by road, sea and air at national and local level. Carlo Trozzi, technical director of Techne Consulting, partner of iCHANGE, made a presentation on "Carbon footprint and environmental footprint from road traffic in the living labs of the Horizon 2020 I-CHANGE project".  

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GEIA 20th Conference

GEIA 20th Conference was held on 2023 June 21-2, hosted by Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy in Bruxelles (Belgium) The GEIA: Global Emissions InitiAtive is a community effort dedicated to emissions information exchange and competence building, created in 1990 to improve our understanding of air quality and climate. About 160 experts from all the world attended the conference.Our Technical Director Carlo Trozzi presented a poster on Integrated evaluation of air pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions in the framework of the I-CHANGE Living Labs experiences.

I-CHANGE - Apportionment of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases

Recently Techne Consulting, with the collaboration of other partners of the I-CHANGE Horizon 2020 consortium, finalised the report “Apportionment of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases” as one result of the research activity Benchmarking behavioral change: apportionment of carbon and environmental footprint.

The report describes the methodologies applied to compute carbon footprint and short-lived climate forcers emissions using driving forces data gathered within I-CHANGE Living Labs activities and traffic numerical simulations. 

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Two workshops on the containment of atmospheric emissions from biomass combustion

The work of Techne Consulting, for Sogesid SpA and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, as part of the CReIAMOPA project, about the analysis and implementation of 7 particularly important case studies in the development and dissemination of procedure for the containment of atmospheric emissions deriving from the combustion of biomass for civil use was presented in Milan on 5 October and in Rome on 27 October::

  • CS1 International experiences in the management of the biomass combustion phenomenon
  • CS2 Incentive sources for biomass fueled civil heating systems
  • CS3 Regional cadastres of thermal plants with reference to biomass combustion
  • CS4 Legal and technical regulations on biomass-fueled thermal plants
  • CS5 Classification of biomass fueled civil heating systems
  • CS6 Emission limits in real conditions of biomass fueled civil heating systems
  • CS7 Burning of agricultural residues